Microcontroller Training System

I developed this system to help my students understand the process of programming PIC microcontrollers. It has given the students the opportunity to develop their independent learning skills by carrying exercises and developing their own programs from their experiences.

The integral part to the system is the PCB I designed shown here. The board is fitted with a download socket which connects to the computer via a USB cable. Students type in the programmes shown in the exercise workbook, send the programme to the board and investigate what happens. They can then modify the programme or write their own and investigate the outcomes.

PICAXE Microcontroller Learning System
QUICKCHIP Digital Training System

Digital Training System

I designed this system to allow my students to investigate the operation of a range of digital circuits through independent practical experimentation

The foundation of the system is a microcontroller which has been programmed to emulate the functions of a wide range of stand digital chips. The mode of the chip is selected by four switches on the right of the board allowing for 16 different options.

The advantage of this is that circuits can be built much quickly without the need of replacing the chip each time a new circuit is investigated and that a large stock of components is not required.

QuickChip Training Board

Mode select switches

Terminals to link chip to circuit


Key stage 3 Projects

Pewter casting Design & Make project.

Mould made through use of 2D Design and milling machine.

Quantum Tunneling Composite torch Design & Make Assignment

Musical keyboard Design and Make project

Amplified speaker for mobile phone Design and Make project

Fidget Spinner CAD project

This page shows some of the projects I have developed for use in school.

Workbooks relating to these projects can be found on the main page.

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