Electronic Components
Circuit Building Blocks
Materials and Processes
Information about Different Materials
Norgren Pneumatics Resources

Click on the links to access detailed information on the operation of pneumatic systems produced by Norgren.

BTEC Health and Social Care

Just a few notes on diversity in health and social care as part of the BTEC course.

Unit 2 Overview

Social Factors Affecting Diversity

Non-discriminatory practice

Political Factors Affecting Diversity

Diversity in Health and Social Care
Level 2 Electrical Principles

Engineering, Design & Technology

Revision & Resources

Electrical Principles
Electrical Systems
Lighting & Rectifiers
Electrical Knowledge
Formula sheets and units
GCSE Electronics Revision
TES Food Technology Teaching Resources

A3 posters of fruits and their countries of origin.

Healthy Eating & Nutrition
Origin of Ingredients
Practical Lesson Help
TES Electronics & Systems & Control
Key-stage 3 Complete Projects
Key-stage 3 Worksheets

Two colour worksheets showing images of components and a blank space to the right: students to cut out symbols of components and place in the corresponding location. There are two sheets covering 40 electronic components including input/output devices, semiconductors and passive components. Answer sheets are included.

In addition an A3 poster is provided showing component images and the symbols that represent them. This can be printed out or projected onto board.

Key-stage 4 Worksheets
Key-stage 4 Workbooks