Electronic Components
Circuit Building Blocks
Materials and Processes
Information about Different Materials
GCE A-Level Systems and Control
Norgren Pneumatics Resources

Click on the links to access detailed information on the operation of pneumatic systems produced by Norgren.

AS Course Notes
BTEC Health and Social Care

Just a few notes on diversity in health and social care as part of the BTEC course.

Unit 2 Overview

Social Factors Affecting Diversity

Non-discriminatory practice

Political Factors Affecting Diversity

Diversity in Health and Social Care
Level 2 Electrical Principles

Engineering, Design & Technology

Revision & Resources

Key Stage 3 Design and Technology Projects

MyPod Speaker Project

This project involves students designing and manufacturing an amplified speaker to be connected to an iPod, mobile or similar device.

MyPod Speaker Project Workbook

Scheme of Work

Electronic Picture Frame Project

A constructional project involving the use of clear acrylic, LEDs and a transistor astable circuit to create a sparkling picture frame

Picture Frame Project Workbook

Scheme of Work

Electronics Projects
Unit 602
Unit 203
Unit 301
PEO Electrical