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Pollution & Health Hazards
Recycling of household appliances
Recycling Batteries
Recycling of Materials & Products

For the exam you need to consider the following topics when examining the wider effects of design and technology on society when designing and making products.


• Pollution & Health Hazards

• Recycling of household appliances

• Recycling of batteries

• Recycling of materials and products

• Sustainable design

• Designing for maintenance


Social, Cultural, Moral, Environmental & Sustainability

Electronic products can create a hazard at all stages of their life cycles:






All electronic products contain potentially dangerous materials and chemicals which, if not processed correctly can have a detrimental effect on ourselves and our environment. Electronic components and circuit boards contain a wide range of toxic and harmful chemicals.



The vast majority of electronic products we own in Europe are manufactured in China, In Europe there are laws written with the aim of reducing pollution caused by the manufacture, use and disposal of electronic products and to protect its citizens. This is not the case in China however.