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Injection moulding

Injection moulding is a method of producting solid plastic products. The process is commonly used to make plastic boxes, buckets and the casings of various household products.

It involves injecting a heated polymer into a mould at a very high pressure.

Benefits of injection moulding

1. Efficient when mass producing identical parts
2. Low cost per part
3. Repeatable - the same object can be remade many many times
4. Lots of different materials can be used
5. Little waste produced
6. Lots of detail can be included
7. Little work needed once the product has been removed from the machine.

Mould design

To prevent the manufactured plastic part being difficult or impossible to remove from the mould it must have drafted sides. You may notice that buckets and boxes have a slightly sloped shape, and this is why. Think of the shape of an ice-cube tray.