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Mass Production Processes

Mass production is the manufacture very large numbers of identical products. Some of the processes used in mass production are

Injection Moulding

This is a process where plastic parts are made by injecting warm thermoplastic into a mould.

Blow Moulding

Blow moulding is used for the manufacture of plastic bottles and other hollow objects. 


Plastic pelets are placed inside a mould. The mould is heated and rotated so the molten plastic coats the inside of the mould. It is used for making large holow objects.


Extrusion is used to produce continuous lengths of a particular profile such as drain pipe. It involves forcing heated plastic through dies (openings).

Metal Pressing

A sheet of metal is placed between two parts of a mould. The moulds are forced together with an hydraulic piston, making the metal bend into the shape required.

Metal Stamping

This process involves a flat sheet of metal to be cut and formed into a shape using the shear force of dies at either side of the metal. It is used to produce tablewear.