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Non-recyclable materials

The manufacture of any product has at least some negative impact on the environment. It is the responsibility of designers to create products that cause as little impact as possible. Many of the products we purchase use materials that are made out of plastic, some that are recyclable and some that are not.

The environmental impacts of non-recyclable materials.

Non-recyclable materials can end up being dumped in landfill sites where they can remain for centuries. Harmful chemicals in some products (especially plastics and electronics) can leach into the soil and polute water supplies.

Greenhouse gasses
Non-recyclable materials are sometimes used as fuel in energy recovery facilities or incinerators. This releases the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide as well as toxic gas emissions.

Pollution of the seas
Plastic waste can make its way into the oceans causing great harm to sealife and humans.

Wasting resources
By not being able to recycle a material means that virgin materials are needed to make new products. This uses more of the earths resources and the release of carbon dioxide in their manufacture.