Engineering & Technology


Common Symbols

This shows that a product can be recycled into new materials that can be used to make new products.

Electrical Equipment
This shows that a product should not be disposed of in normal household waste and needs to be disposed of safely.

This mark is placed on product packaging to show that it meets certain ethical standards when sourcing materials from low income countries

Copyright protects against other people compying your work and using it without your permission. It applies to anything that can be written down, recorded or broadcasted.

A trademark is a word or symbol used to represent a word or product. It is illegal for anyone else to copy or use your trademark.

Heinz is a trademark for example.

CE Mark
This mark shows that a product mets European Union safety, health and environmental regulations. The CE mark is still used in the United Kingdon.

This stands for  United Kingdom Conformity Assessed. It is a mark that indicates that a product conforms with standards that allow it to be sold in the UK.

British Standard
BSI marks are used in the UK to show that a product meets certain standards of quality set out by the British Standards Institution.

Lion Mark
Products with the lion mark have met safety tests in relation to such things as toxicity (if it contains harmful chemicals) and flammability.

This stands for the International Organisation of Standardisation. The organisation write standards that ensure that products are made to a high quality