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Later on in the design process models of the product can be produced to evaluate the product. At this point in the design process the models are usually made to actually size with much more detail. Modeling is very important because it is very expensive to set up the equipment in a factory to make a product, you want to make sure it is right! There are two types of modelling:

Advantages of virtual modelling

Virtual models can be shared with other people digitally. This means that customers across the globe can evaluate the designs.

Virtual models are easily modified to improve designs or correct any problems.

Modern software allows a model to be virtually simulated to find out how it behaves under stress, temperature and other phyical characteristics.

Virtual simulations can test the function of mechanical and electronic parts.

An engineering using CAD

Advantages of physcial modelling

A client or stakeholder is able to physically hold the item and can judge what it feels like, its scale and generally explore it.

To get feedback from customer of focus groups.

Non destructive testing can be carried out to find flaws.

Destructive testing can be carried out to see how well the product withstands the environment it will be used in. For example, will a mobile phone crack when dropped from a certain height.

To find out if it is actually usable.

3D Printed mobile phone models